Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Eurybia Boat Build at Butser Ancient Farm

Since the 16th I've been back at Butser Ancient Farm. I heard about a new boat build project and was really eager to contribute in any way I could because I missed the last build as I joined the team after it was finished. This logboat, the Eurybia, is Mesolithic instead of bronze-age. Photos of the boat build and the Mesolithic enclosure surrounding it can be found here:

Monday, 14 July 2014

Youtube Channel Updates & Book Review

I've been working on organizing my Youtube channel as I'm going to be producing more videos. I'll be making cartography videos primarily, but also general videos related to nature will become more frequent. Here I discuss the organization of my channel:

And here is the newest video, a book review for the Natural History of the British Isles:

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Volunteering Photo Albums

I've been organizing and upgrading my Imgur account for presenting my volunteer work after an earlier mishap. I had to reupload all of the Butser Ancient Farm photos again which took a long time, but I've actually been a bit less selective so there are quite a lot of new photos that weren't included the first time.

I mentioned I was going to attend Queen Elizabeth Country Park sessions over the summer. I've been to two sessions, one on the 17th June and the other on the 22nd. So far it's been quite nice. On the first sessions I did litter picking, monitoring flowers, dismantling kids' shelters (hazard), helping make some make-shift xylophones from hazel and went on a long tour of the Park. The second session was devoted to Butterfly and Adder monitoring.

You can see these and my older volunteering photos here now:




Monday, 23 June 2014

BCUK Member's Leatherworking Kit Gift

I was lucky enough to be contacted by a member of the Bushcraft UK forum and he's supplied me with everything I need to get started in leather crafts.

- Taylor 

Friday, 13 June 2014

13th June Update: Crafts, Volunteering and College

Another archive video recording what I've been doing over the past few weeks and what I'll be doing in the future.

Thanks for watching.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Queen Elizabeth Country Park Volunteering

I've just been for a chat with one of the rangers at Queen Elizabeth Country Park and was shown around the facilities. Previous voluntary experience certainly pays off. It helps to have a fair amount of experience as things become more familiar and one better understands the processes of certain groups and the work that takes place. It used to be a case of having to label myself a novice from the outset, but as time goes by one certainly feels more accustomed to certain circles in which one's interested. In other words, it went quite well and I'll be volunteering at the Park over the summer as a precursor to Sparsholt to keep me from going rusty.

All this is to say that I would thoroughly recommend volunteering to anyone. If you have no experience whatsoever, well, that's what volunteering is for. You can show up on site and you're guaranteed to learn valuable skills and meet new people.

I'd be interested in hearing others' experiences in volunteer groups, mainly from a countryside perspective. It's something that fills my life now and without volunteering opportunities such as East Lothian Countryside Ranger Service and Butser Ancient Farm, I wouldn't have had access to such knowledge people. My acquisition of practical skills and knowledge largely revolves around volunteering so I couldn't do without it. It's a big part of my livelihood. This new volunteer group will be another chapter in my volunteering life, I suppose you could say.

For people with the right mindset, money means nothing. Working for free is valuable and you should try it.



Tuesday, 10 June 2014

First Wooden Cup/"Kuksa"

Hello, readers. I'm very proud to present my first wooden cup or "kuksa". I'd like to thank Jon from for providing a great tutorial on how to carve it. I followed his tutorial but chose a different handle style and made the triangular point at the back my own.

This is a tooled finish project all around, except for the inner bowl, which is sanded, as I found it a bit difficult to neaten it up with the spoon knife. I think this hybrid style looks and feels quite unique actually. I'm very happy with how this came out for my first ever cup and it looks rather nice, I think. 

I hope you like it.